Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Indian democracy is a FARCE!

So called ‘the largest democracy in the world’, INDIA- is nothing but a farce. Eyewash that Indian politicians follows and practices religiously so the greater world or civilised society outside India could hardly believe that DEMOCRACY NEVER EXISTS IN INDIA.
What’s wrong? Why it never exists but only seems ‘INDIA is a democratic country’?
The holy word about democracy is always been “it is by the people, for the people, of the people”. No way Indian democracy is by the people, for the people, of the people.

Why it is not by the people? Or, Why majority’s views/opinion never reflects?
India follows such a democratic pattern where majority’s view never reflects. Following an example to understand this pattern and it happens by letter and spirit.
Suppose in a constituency there are 15 voters. Vote seeker/candidates are 5 e.g. A B C D E.
Now A secures 5 votes, B secures 4 votes, C secures 3 votes, D secures 2 votes, and D secures 1 vote. In Indian system A got ‘elected’ although he secures only 1/3rd mandate or, in other words 66.66% or whooping majority opinion against his/her election! No way has majority opinion reflected!
Besides, false electoral roll, terrorise/threat people for not to exercise their franchise are some of the ‘democratic practices’ Indian politicians always adopt!
Why it is not for the people? Or, Why people’s concern/opinion never bothers ruling politicians?
Value added services may be a new phenomenon to corporate world but Indian democracy better to say Indian politicians practices this since independence. Anything and I repeat a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g you could get done in India by paying to ruling politicians! (One wonders why China trying to be bullish with India when they can done it easily and silently by paying few million dollars in Indian politicians Swiss bank accounts!) Bribery (or, VALUE ADDED SERVICES!) is the most cash generating ‘businesses’ in India.
Corruption is so vivid and widespread that ’becoming a politician’ is the most sought after career choice for the cunning people in India. Each national and state level politician has either Swiss Bank account or pseudo named account in Indian banks where billions of Rupees black money deposited. No politicians bother to unearth this despite recent Swiss government’s announcement that Swiss Banks are ready to disclose names if Indian government asked for such.
Few examples of Indian corruption would be easier to understand. (AND THESE ARE LITERALLY JUST TIP OF THE ICEBERG! Indian corruption is fathomless and each service, private or public, is corrupted of variety kinds.)

Recently concluded Common Wealth Games’ (in New Delhi) estimated budget expenditure was $4billion dollar where the politician who was in charge of the affairs did expense $24 billion dollars! No Indian agency booked him for such misuse of public money!
Indian Telecom ministry awarded telecom licenses to various companies $36billion dollar below current market price! Was he generous? Never! Rest money flows through under the table to ruling politicians!

In 1984 one of the worst Industrial disasters happened in Union Carbide’s Bhopal plant, in MP, India. Poisonous methyl isocyanate gas leaked from that plant and affected more than 80000 people. Many have died and many become incurably ill for life. Instead of catching and booking the offender company’s CEO the then Chief Minister (chief administrative person, who got ‘elected ‘by people) of the State helped him to flee the country! In fact he took special care so that nobody in India could stop him from flying away!

Media is considered the fourth estate of democracy. Other three are legislation, administration and judiciary. Barring few exceptions, Indian media seldom do its duties to unearth the loopholes/misdeeds of Indian politicians and widespread corruption! Especially vernacular media in India are unethically biased towards mightier political forces.
In Maharastra no vernacular media raise their voice against linguistic fanatics of the state who are openly and visibly disrespect Indian constituency.
In West Bengal, a central cabinet minister openly seeking support and giving shelter to armed militants (Maoist militia) to gain political power. Vernacular press shamelessly supporting every move of that valueless, visionless, vindictive politician from Bengal!

So Indian Legislator and administrators are CORRUPT.
Indian MEDIA are BIASED.
Only judiciary is the hope. But, unfortunately they can’t execute.

Why Indian Democracy is not of the people?

India is the second largest population -1.3 billion and counting- of the world. India got more billionaires than Germany and Britain combined or nine times more than in the Africa continent! Still major portion of Indian population is very poor! By World Bank estimates, 80% of India's population lives on less than 2$ a day. According to a 2005 World Bank estimate, 41% of India falls below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 a day. By the way, NEVER BELIEVE IN ANY DATA BY INDIAN GOVERNMENT! They are always manipulated and false representation of facts! (Manipulated)Weekly inflation data often uses by Indian government to manipulate Stock market prices or people’s sentiment. All regular food items price have raised 35-40 times whereas inflammation data shows it’s around 8%!!
No social security measures for so large number of poor people. Government never believes in up gradation of people’s living rather they insist on reservation system! It’s a unique system! In sovereign India besides linguistic and religious division there are thousands of subdivisions! Manipulative politicians never tries to make India one! Rather they indulge in creating more and more divisions, so that every group/subdivision got a kind of leader and got the pie! One thing Indian politicians do very well. Revenge! If anybody threats to expose their corruption Indian politicians must take revenge to stop that voice! I wonder, today’s civilised world hates Hitler’s fascism but they never seen Indian politician. Hitler’s fanaticism only a child’s play vis-à-vis Indian politicians cruel, vindictive mentality!
Ever wonder why India never does well in team games or sports in general? India could never gather spirited people who could become a cohesive force called team! There must be every sort of differences among team members and they pull each other down!
India has no dearth natural resources and India also got some quality human resource. But India lacks morality. General Indians are peace loving people and they are happy to have the lollipop which called adult franchise! Providing that lollipop to people, Indian politicians killing democracy everyday, every moment. God forbid, if today’s India face any major outside threat no one called ‘Indian’ will be there to save India!
Where is Indian democracy ‘of the people’?

Dear senzible!
I am following your blogs for many days.I notice your blogs are very popular. So I wish to let people know the fact of my 'poor motherland' through your blogs. Hope you'll not have any objections! These are facts and views are mine, so........


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